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The story and videos for “Everyday Man” by Marcy Each. Learn the song and get hand-written chord charts.




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“Everyday Man” Lyrics

Written by Marcy Each, Jennie Lee Riddle, and Belinda Smith

Verse 1

He gets up before the sunrise every morning

Just to praise the Lord / and waken up the day

Take his King James to the table / sips his coffee

And gathers strength / as he turns each yellowed page

Verse 2

Oh those words are the only truths he lives by

And every neighbor’s need / becomes his very own

If he looks you in the eye / you know he means it

And the man you see / is the same good man at home



He is an everyday man / with an everyday life

Don’t seem like much / looking in from the outside

But what you cannot see / is what you need to understand

It’s an everyday faith / that makes an everyday man

Verse 2

A whole day’s worth of work / is on his farm boots

The sun is setting / as he wrestles with his boys

Then he holds the only girl / he’s ever wanted

And he loves ’em all / like he never had a choice


One day his face will show the weathered lines

Age will always chase us down and steal our time

But everything he sowed / he’ll surely reap

‘Cause everything he taught / will help us be

© 2015 Marcy Each. All rights reserved. 


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