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The story and videos for “Hunger Mountain Road” by Marcy Each. Learn the song and get hand-written chord charts.




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“Hunger Mountain Road” Lyrics

Written by Marcy Each, Jennie Lee Riddle, and Lyn Rowell

Verse 1

Night is falling / fast all across the land

My feet have walked this path before

And I know it like the back of my hand

It’s the only choice / I’m thirsty way down deep

I’ve got to brave the barren sands / to drink from the desert streams


It’ll be worth it all I know

Step by step I am gonna go

Straight up hunger mountain road

Straight up hunger mountain road

Verse 2

I hear it calling / that same old trumpet sound

Stronger than the siren’s song

Rising higher / it’s getting loud

Oh ravens feed me / river flow from the rock

Sun you will not set just yet / ’cause I’m not ready to stop


I am not alone / the Holy Ghost is my company

I am heading home / the Lord is waiting at the top for me

© 2015 Marcy Each. All rights reserved. 


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