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The story and videos for “Loved Tonight” by Marcy Each. Learn the song and get hand-written chord charts.




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“Loved Tonight” Lyrics

Written by Marcy Each

Verse 1

I know you think your dreams / packed their bags and ran away

I know you think the sun / lost its fight with cloudy days

But you know nothin’ grows without the rain

Heaven knows the winds are gonna change


You are loved, loved / loved tonight

Loved tonight / loved tonight

Let me be the moon / that lights up your sky

Honey you are loved tonight

Verse 2

So come on take my hand / let’s go looking for those dreams

Let’s climb above the clouds / and find a front row seat

Of the sun rising in the East

Let it shine on how much you mean to me


When you see through your tears / to watch the morning rise

I’ll still be holding you / so let those teardrops dry

© 2015 Marcy Each. All rights reserved. 


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