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The story and videos for “This Love Will Last” by Marcy Each. Learn the song and get hand-written chord charts.







“This Love Will Last” Lyrics

Written by Marcy Each, Jennie Lee Riddle, Branden Collins, and William Smith

Verse 1

I remember when you called my name

I stood to meet you / I was so afraid

But you didn’t give up / and you wouldn’t go away

I knew you’d cost me everything


But I believed that what you said was true

So with all my heart / I followed you


You took me higher / you taught me right

You told me always / enjoy this life

You showed me beauty / you helped me laugh

You told me always / this love will last

Verse 2

There’s been many a trial / and many a storm

You’d think I’d be so tired and worn

But your joy has been my daily bread

I’ve been content / where I’ve been led


I’ve been able to drink from the streams on the mountains high

And I’ve been able to see the brightest stars in the valley’s night

© 2015 Marcy Each. All rights reserved. 


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