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The story and videos for “Walk Me Home” by Marcy Each. Learn the song and get hand-written chord charts.




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“Walk Me Home” Lyrics

Written by Marcy Each, Jennie Lee Riddle, and Thomas Dorsey

Verse 1

Softly and tenderly / I hear you calling me back

To where I belong / time’s quickly passing by

I should be leaving right now / my time here is done


Would you walk me home / would you walk me home

Would you take my hands in yours / and walk me home

Through the night / through the storm

I am tired / I’m weak, I’m worn

Precious Lord / walk me home

Verse 2

I’ll lace up my traveling shoes / and long for the day I’ll move on

And never turn back / I know every struggle

Will be worth the trouble / to get to that promised land


Hear my cry / Hear my call

Hold my hand / lest I fall

Precious Lord / take my hand

© 2015 Marcy Each. All rights reserved. 


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